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   Artist :   Ransui  Yakata

 Artiest of Japanese ink paintings and calligraphy

●●●Contact deteils

Tel: 81-3-3409-2988(Main office)




Having a excelled at Japanese calligraphy from his early child, after being conferred a full mastership of calligraphy by Japanese calligraphy and painting association when he was a university student, studied with the late Kosui Hashimoto at painting. He went to Vancouver to coach Japanese calligraphy and painting, having been invited as a goodwill ambassador by Province of British Colombia, Canada, after that moved to London and Exeter, UK to coach Japanese painting in two and half years. After having back to Japan, he has not only being dedicated his creative activities as a professional artist, but also has established his own private calligraphy and painting class.  He draws attention as an up and coming artist, having continuously created fine works in a   full sense of modern on unique motif from unique perspective.


British London International Chinese Painting Society invited Artist


Chairman of International Chinese ink painting & Calligraphic Art Society  


Board of All Japan black ink paintings Art Association,Councilor

Board of Anshan City of Liaoning China, Calligraphy Artist Association ,Director.


Board of Anshan City of Liaoning China, Chinese paintings Artist Association, Director.


Board and Judge of International Calligraphy and Painting Association


Soshu Paintings School of China & &Dainihon Shogeiin Judge member.


Judge of Public Interest Incorporated Association, Japan Society  of Calligraphy and Arts




Calligraphy & Ink Painting

2006: International AIDS Charity Art Festival (Second best prize for modern calligraphy  “念“.


2011: All Japan calligraphies exhibitions of Mt. Hiei which is hosted by Enryaku-temple in Shiga prefecture, Japan (Grand prize) Calligraphy.


2017: Become a board and special judge at All Japan Calligraphy and Partings Society Paintings & Black ink drawings


The 1st Chinese International Calligraphy and Paintings in Liao Ning, China(Award for international cultural merit)


2012: The 40th all Japan calligraphies and ink paintings exhibition (Prize of chairman of Tokyo Metropolitan assemble.


2013:  The 42nd all Japan calligraphies and ink paintings exhibition (Prize of Minister of Foreign Affairs.


2014: The 44nd all Japan calligraphy and ink painting exhibition (Prize of Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.


2016: The 46nd all Japan calligraphies and ink paintings exhibition (Prize of Minister of Education.


2017: The 50nd all Japan calligraphies and ink paintings exhibition (Prize of Chairman of Upper House)


2017: The 9th China and Japan Cultural Exchanged Exhibition (Prize of Minister of Foreign Affairs)


2017: The 51st all Japan calligraphies and ink paintings exhibition (Prize of Prime Minister Shinzoh Abe Award))

●●●COLLECTION & Exhibition

His works are collected by,

,Anshan city Educational section Department office,China Liao-Ning


Communist Party of China, advertisement committee

British Devon Japan and British Association


Bank of Anshan, Liaoning, China


David Lee Roth, Van Halen Rock Artist, NY,USA.

And many other places.

London Lass Bay Gallery 2003

Exceter, Plymouth some Galleries,  The UK 2002-2003

Tokyo Futako-Tamagawa Art 2008

Canada, Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art  2010.

Tokyo Gallery Dogenzaka 2012-2013

Tokyo Minato-ward,  public city center 2014-2016

Tokyo O museum, Shinagawa ward 2017


“To paint water” (published by  Nichiibo book in 2017, collaboration with several painters)

“Lesson note to develop skill of ink paintings”(published by  Nichibo book in 2017)


●●●Exposure to media

Fuji television titled “ rainbow gene”

 Nippon television titled “Flip NEWS”

And many times local TVs programs.

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